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Why do you need a mortgage broker?

To navigate the mortgage process from the beginning till the very end, and even after the completion

To pull together all the information and documents you need

To research the mortgage rates on offer and look at the market to provide you with best, clear, relevant information you can use with confidence.

That way, when you’re ready to make a decision, you can do so knowing that you’ve got all the facts.

Save your time and give you the very best chance of a successful application

Guide you through all your options with a free consultation

Recommend the right mortgage for your situation 

Help you to gather all documents you need for your application

Prepare your application for submission and submit it to the chosen lenders

Liaise with the lender, solicitors and estate agents.

Support you all the way through to completion.

We’ll work hard to build a lasting relationship with you. So you’ll always have someone you trust to help with any queries or requirements in the future.

What Mortgage Broker can do for me?

Best Mortgage Broker in Poland


Full professionalism and commitment to the client’s needs. Our loan was much cheaper than we thought. Cooperation with our Broker was very efficient and concrete. I highly recommend people who value their time and, above all, a sense of security. Thank you for your cooperation and see you next time. We will definitely be back !!!

Pawel P.

Anyone who needs advice and assistance in the field of loans, with a large conscience, I highly recommend services of the broker who personally helped me solve my individual and unusual problem with BIK. Today, thanks to the cooperation and help, I became a happy owner of a house with a garden 🙂

Lukasz G.

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